David König of the Cousteau Society is working on a book with marine author Hugo Verlomme entitled 'Îles de rêve et de cauchemar' or 'Islands of dreams and nightmares'. The book contains twenty stories about the small islands that are at the heart of great myths and epic visions.

Pitcairn: How a heavenly vision transforms into a nightmare. Fleeing the English admiralty, the mutinous people of the Bounty settle on this island where Madness and Death await them.

Nuku Hiva: The strange tale of Joseph Kabris, a young privateer, initiated to the Polynesian rites, turned cannibal and tattooed, brought back by force to Europe where he is exhibited like a curiosity ; Napoleon’s spy.

Sun and Moon Islands, Bolivia: According to the legend, the sun shone for the first time above the Lake Titicaca Islands. Living place of the primitive couple who founded the Inca civilization, place of pilgrimage; vestals, shrines with golden walls. These islands played a crucial role in Andean cosmology and kindled the conquistadors’ dreams.

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