Lofoten International Art Festival, Norwegian Archipelago

LIAF presents works by international artists in a local and site-specific context and seeks to be an open, experimental and including meeting place for artists, audience and locals.

Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF) was first initiated in 1991, as a local art exhibition with a broad range of expressions and with a regional profile. From 1999, the festival was given an international profile changing the name to Lofoten International Art Festival, and since 2009, the festival has been run by The North Norwegian Art Center (NNKS) and LIAF’s artistic advisory board.

LIAF presents works by international artists in a local and site-specific context and seeks to be an open, experimental and including meeting place for artists, audience and locals. LIAF acknowledges the complexity of place and seeks to be a discursive, engaged and social platform for different positions creating dialogue between the local and global. The prospect of developing and discovering new knowledge and understanding through art is the core of the festival. LIAF is not connected to a permanent location or space, but is invented anew every time by infiltrating and moving into already existing structures: Everything from a garage, a library, a shed, a bunker, a fish drying rack, a private house, a shop or an old warehouse. New curators also develop the festival every time, with diverse backgrounds, ideas and practices and in different ways bringing the familiar and unfamiliar together. By insisting on this open and experimental approach, we believe LIAF can be a place for exchange and involvement on multitude levels, every time revealing new things about our world and ourselves.

LIAF has taken place eight times since 1999 presenting artists like Gillian Wearing, Lawrence Weiner, AK Dolven, Ken Lum, Olafur Eliasson, Mari Slaattelid, Elmgren & Dragseth, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Pipilotti Rist, Geir Tore Holm, Eija Liisa Athila, Jesper Just, Amar Kanwar, Tori Wrånes, Michel Auder, Kjersti Andvig, John Giorno, Lene Berg, Lindsay Seers, David Horvitz, Mahmoud Khaled, HC Gilje, Karl Larsson, Shilpa Gupta, István Csácány, Lisa Tan and many more.

LIAF curators have been Tor Inge Kveum, Per Gunnar Tverbakk, Vibeke Sjøvoll, Gry Ulrichsen, Göran Christenson, Maaretta Jaukkuri, Taru Elfving, Richard Borgström, Helga-Marie Nordby, Thora Dolven Balke, Linn Pedersen, Anne Szefer Karlsen, Bassam El Baroni, Eva González-Sancho, Arne Skaug Olsen and Matt Packer.

METASITU at Metamatic TAF, Athens presents "Are we moving?"

METASITU presents the Summer Exhibition at Metamatic TAF, "Are we Moving?"
In January 2016 eight artists, a Captain and an expedition organizer made an attempt to reach the World’s most remote human inhabited place, the British Overseas territory of Tristan da Cunha. This remote community in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean can only be reached by boat from either the Brazilian or the South African coasts, after approximately seven to ten days of sailing from either. We never made it to the island...

The exhibition presents a unique mix of art works commissioned for the exhibition from the eight expedition participants - Liva Dudareva, Eduardo Cassina, Dominika Hadelova, Dominic Hinde, Nat Searle, Josefina Muñoz, Alvaro Padilla Vargas and Luis Carlos Hurtado Central Sureste dealing with both physical and metaphysical notion of island. A catharsis and a reflection on failure, banality and isolation.

Location: metamatic:taf
metamatic:taf is a pioneering cultural and digital centre in Athens. As well as a vibrant online cultural platform in Greece. It has a dual role of an independent space organizing and hosting cultural events related to all forms of artistic production and a point of social gathering for people bearing a new Athenian identity. Within just seven years of operation it has become an active space of sociability, in which everyone is welcome to attend, participate or watch events, an open space of assembly and dialogue, accessible to the public, seven days a week, all year round.

metamatic:taf vision for the period 2016 - 2017
For the period 2016 - 2017 metamatic:taf is collaborating with METASITU as their Artistic Directors with a goal to create an accessible platform for cultural and knowledge production, mainly through the use of different formats and radical programming aiming for a deep engagement with the audience.
Curators: METASITU

METASITU is an art collective founded in 2014 by Eduardo Cassina and Liva Dudareva. Their practice is research-based, highly mobile and trans-disciplinary, relying on the transnational networks, virtual and physical, where they draw inspiration and fascination from. METASITU often finds solutions by shifting existing paradigms and subverting existing behaviors; re-directing existing systems towards other ends, rather than direct physical or design interventions of colossal scales.

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