Nauru do you?
A performance by Iorwerth Wallace based on The Nauru Project

at Städelschule, Frankfurt 2008

Arrivals (Paradise for Sale)
Nauru Factbook
Extract from recording of The Spirit of the Island by Caroline Bird, commissioned for The Nauru Project, performed by Alan Gibbons at the Royal Festival Hall, London
Phosphate, Wealth and Bankruptcy

David König co-author of Islands of Dreams and Nightmares
and editor of Calypso Log, Cousteau Society periodical
The Island of Ouessant
The Library of Island Literature, Ouessant
CALI, The Association of Island Culture, Art and Literature
The Five Lighthouses
Black Dwarf Sheep

Ploumanac'h, Brittany, France ->
Ploumanac'h and the Seven Islands
Pink granite rock formations -> Surrealists
Letter written by Paul Nash to Eileen Agar

Data mining
Workshop on Creative Writing and Drama, USP Nauru
Wilhelm Fabricius
Records of the Colonial Section of the German Foreign Office
The Hernsheim Brothers
Have you ever? by Makerita Va'ai
Epabwa : what you are about to see is a short play...