Amelia Earhart's Fate Discovered

The fate of famous aviator Amelia Earhart may have been discovered on an uninhabited island in Kiribati. Along with her navigator Fred Noonan, she took off from present day Papua New Guinea in 1937, attempting to circumnavigate the globe. During this voyage, she was lost and never seen again. Artifacts dating from the 1930's have now been found on Nikumaroro atoll in the Pacific Ocean. The artifacts include a women's makeup compact, a broken mirror, and severall small bottles made in the U.S., which had melted bottoms suggesting that they had been used for boiling things. Also found were bones appearing to be part of a human finger, but which also could have belonged to a turtle. The bones will be tested for DNA matching Amelia Earhart's. The theory held by researchers at the moment is that Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan abandoned their aircraft in the ocean after experiencing difficulties, and lived as castaways on the uninhabited Nikumaroro atoll, on which they eventually perished. If the DNA from the bones matches Amelia Earhart's, then one of the biggest mysteries of all time will be solved!