Flying to Nauru

The Republic of Nauru is a 21-square-kilometer microstate in the Central Pacific Ocean midway between Guam and Fiji. For over 30 years, the Republic's flag carrier Air Nauru provided service to destinations all around the Pacific, including Hong Kong, Koror, Apia, Pago Pago, Noumea and Auckland. Air Nauru discontinued its Nauru, Pohnpei, Guam, Manila route in February 2001, and the service to Nadi, Fiji, was dropped in early 2006.
After a financial crisis in 2006, Air Nauru was rebranded as Our Airline, and in June 2006 Our Airline took delivery of a new Boeing 737-300 aircraft, purchased with financial support from the Government of Taiwan. After a refit for long overwater flights, the new plane entered service on September 17th, 2006with a twice weekly service from Brisbane to Honiara, Nauru, Tawara, and Majuro. On July 4th, 2007 the carrier's service to Majuro (Marshall Islands)was withdrawn for financial reasons. Tarawa (Republic of Kiribati)was also dropped soon after.
Our Airline currently operates its Boeing 737-300 aircraft on a routing from Brisbane (Australia) to Honiara (Solomon Islands) and Nauru (Nauru Island).Although Our Airline flies between Brisbane and Honiara, it only sells tickets to/from Nauru as Brisbane-Honiara is reserved for Solomon Airlines. The Our Airline aircraft also operates weekly from Brisbane ot Newman (Western Australia) and Gold Coast (Coolangatta). From Gold Coast, the plane continues to Norfolk Island. Airlines PNG uses the Our Airline plane to fly between Brisbane and Port Moresby three times a week.

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